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Born in Fall River, Massachusetts, Gina Barboza is the CEO of Balancing ACTS Entertainment (BAE), an entertainment company she formed to produce, write and develop content for television and film.


She has produced projects for BET, CBS, Discovery, Hallmark, Houzz TV, Grand Hustle Films, Swirl Films, Tyler Perry Studios (most recently the Production Supervisor of "A Jazzman's Blues" on Netflix) and many others. Before BAE, she spent 17 years working at Turner Entertainment Networks (TBS, TCM & TNT) as the Director of Music Licensing and Development also located in Atlanta, Georgia


During her tenure at TEN, she supervised and licensed music choices for on-air promotions and marketing. The first 15 years at TEN, she wore another hat as the Director of Production. In this dual role, Ms. Barboza produced promo shoots with the lead cast members from TBS & TNT shows.  She’s worked with award-winning talent such as Andre Braugher, Angie Harmon, Jennifer Lawrence, Ray Romano, Regina King, Ice Cube, Tyler Perry, Beyonce', Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett-Smith, George Lopez, Kyra Sedgwick, the late great(s) Jerry Orbach and Larry Hagman among many others.


Before moving to Atlanta in 1995, she lived in Los Angeles and gained her music business experience working for the infamous Suge Knight and Andre “Dr. Dre” Young at Death Row Records. She was hired to create a Hip Hop Magazine called Death Row Un-Cut; which ended up becoming a documentary after she left. Following Death Row, Ms. Barboza became a Production Coordinator earning her stripes in production assisting filmmaker / actor Bill Duke where the inspiration to get into the TV & Film business was inspired. 


After dealing with her father's mental illness firsthand, she has made it her mission to get more awareness of early detection, prevention an intervention of mental health issues and illnesses. She is also fighting for more research on cancer after losing both her father and mother to the disease.


Ms. Barboza is an Alum of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. She is the proud mother to daughters Sasha and Mariah. 


Follow her on IG @ginabarboza or Twitter @ginabarboza1

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